We are stocking longitudinally and spirally welded steel pipes according to the actual EN, DIN, API and ASTM standards of well-known domestic and international manufacturers.

In the year 2012 we extended our stock program by the area of seamless steel tubes and in the year 2017 by hot-finished hollow sections.

Dimensional range welded steel pipes

outside diameter: 21.3 mm to 1,422.0 mm
wall thickness: 2.0 mm to 25.0 mm

Dimensional range seamless steel tubes

outside diameter: 21.3 mm to 660 mm
wall thickness: 3.2 mm to 100 mm

Dimensional range hot-finished hollow sections

40 x 40 to 400 x 400 mm and 50 x 30 to 500 x 300 mm

wall thickness:
2.9 mm to 20.0 mm

In addition to our own stock program, we are also able to offer several other tube products through partner companies: cold-formed square and rectangular hollow sections, precision steel tubes, hydraulic line tubes, surplus materials, tubular accessories and many other tube-related services.

Fields of application

In addition to steel construction and mechanical engineering, pipeline construction, hydraulic and pneumatic production, our products are also used in roll construction, shipbuilding, plant engineering and construction, as well as in the machining industry and metal construction.

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