According to the market requirements a 3D profile-plasma-cutting-machine with CAD/CAM controlled CNC equipment is available for you at Stahlrohr.

With our machine we are able to process round tubes with outside diameters from 48.3 up to 1,219 mm and wall thicknesses from 5 up to 100 mm by thermal cutting. For wall thicknesses up to 50 mm by plasma cutting and beyond that by oxy-fuel cutting. Depending on the outside diameter, we achieve production lengths of up to 16 m.

On the machine, customer-specific cuts, contours, penetrations, multiple intersections, mitres and rips can be produced due to feasible variances. Corresponding weld seam preparations can easily be integrated into the machining process.

Fields of applications

With the production of thermal-cutting parts on a CNC system, we offer our customers advantages compared to conventional production:

  • reduction of manual effort
  • greater variety of component variants with shorter production times
  • higher quality and repeat accuracy during production

Especially in the fields of mechanical and plant engineering as well as in steel construction, these parts from our company are already used today. It is of minor importance here whether these components are used, for example, as jackets in boiler or machinery construction, in the area of trusses for steel construction or offshore constructions.

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